The history of the Evangelical Pentecostal Community
 the beginning


The Evangelical Pentecostal Community - with 500 million members worldwide – belongs to the pentecostal-charismatic movement.

In 1900 in United States a young methodist pastor read with special attention the Acts and epistle in the Bible. He compared his service with the apostles, astonished and asked himself: „Where are the miracles and the healing?” He started researching with his bible circle this secret and at last he recognized that the main point is to meet the Holy Ghost, say the holy ghost-baptism. In the course of researching he noticed the proof of the holy ghost-baptism. This was the speaking with new tongues. After this recognition they prayed for the procession of the holy ghost and they got it from Lord. They could heal with touching and speak with new tongues.

W.J. Seymour black pastor spoke about the procession of holy ghost in Los Angeles in a small church where during the service more believer filled in with holy ghost, prayed with new tongues and sang. This happened in 1906.

The most famous place of the pentecostal movement was in Azusa Street 312. During the 3 years of the revivalism many share in grace of the procession of the holy ghost. The pentecostal fire started spreading all over America and out of United States as well, burnt up in India, Chile, in more churches with conspiration of W.C. Hoever pastor.


Foundation of the hungarian Evangelical Pentecostal Community

The forerunners of the hungarian pentecostal movement were the prisoners of the first world war and more emigrants who returned back from the USA. These people met many holy ghost – baptised believers. The first baptised hungarian believer István Sipos returned back to Budapest in 1918. He met István Sebestyén who was also prisoner of war and they were members of the church of Living God. Later they met Imre Mihók whose flat in Budapest gave the main place for the pentecostal fold from summer of 1926.

Some hungarian emigrants in USA met the american pentecostal revivalism too, they converted and returned Hungary in order to evangelize and advertise the pentecostal faith, the procession of the holy ghost. The first fold was founded in Darány and here was built up the first pentecostal church in 1926. At the first occasion 26 people baptised there.

The organized mission of the hungarian pentecostal movement was launched by Imre Mihók from Bakony. He was also emigrant to the USA, so he met the Pentecostal movement as well. After his conversion he came back to Hungary with his wife. The first meeting was held in 1926 at Easter. He propagated the pentecostal faith all over the country and according to his powerful work in God, the first pentecostal folds were blessed by the Lord and increased in number.

David F. Rároha was informed by Imre Mihók about the developing hungarian pentecostal activities. Mr Rároha and his family arrived Hungary from USA in 1927 and bought a printing-house and published the first journal of the pentecostal movement, the Apostolic Faith. They visited more folds and also founded churches. They took over the leading of the Budapester fold then. Meanwhile folds were being founded, the conference of the Hungarian Godfolds were established as well which was held annually.

The hungarian pentecostal community had more social services as far back as 1930 which took care of the olds and the orphans. The pentecostal services were cenzored in 1939 by royal ministry for home affairs which took till end of the second world war.

After the world war the pentecostal folds had more denominations like Evangelical Pentecostal Church, Evangelical Christian Folds, Prime-Christian Denomination. The Evangelical Pentecostal Community is named from 1962. It is working further as independent church of the Prime-Christian Denomination.

The Evangelical Pentecostal Community trained its pastors in the Institute of Freechurches Council from 1967 and from 1992 in Bible College of Evangelical Pentecostal Community. The Community has a Rehabilitative Institute in Dunaharaszti from 1985, and it opened a rest home for the elderly people in Kadarkút in 1987. After the regime change first the Evangelical Pentecostal Community opened more primary schools too.


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