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The first camp-meeting was held in 1962 in Szigetszentmiklós – Bucka  in a small room of a nice family’s house. Foundation members: Pál Jakab and his „gostly son”, Ferenc Nagy snr. who had been the pastor of the church for 38 years. We can mention the following person also as foundation members: Sister Plansi, - who gave place for the first house of prayer -, István Szabadi, Ferenc Bóna, József Panyik.

The new house of prayer had completed in 1970 in Erkel Street which was built up in the parcel of pastor Ferenc Nagy next to his family house.

In our church has been operating permanently missionary services – child bible meeting, youth meeting, puppet group. There is also a missionary group, who gives evangelistic service all over the country.

In 2000 pastor Ferenc Nagy went home to the Lord and according to the calling of the Lord pastor Tamás Mádai has played his part.

The church is located currently in a family house in Szilágyi Lajos street 28/b. Our plan is in 2010 to start our new church building in Szigetszentmiklós. The hungarian Pentecostal Community has 114 churches in Hungary and according to our hope the 115th. house of prayer will be built up in Szigetszentmiklós, in which we can continue our mission, practise our faith by the grace of God.

During the 50 years the following pastors gave the service:

Pál Jakab 1961

Ferenc Nagy 1962-1998

József Nagy 1998-2000

Tamás Mádai 2000-


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